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            Natural supplements can be extremely helpful for enduring joint health. As you age, these supplements can assist you in leading a normal life. As the cartilage becomes fragile during older age, you are less able to move around as easily. Country Lief Arthro-Joint & Muscle Relief Factors® is a product for supplying factors that are essential to membranes, tendons, bones, cartilage and joints which delays aging, or repairing them. Pain alleviation is among the advantages provided by this nutritional supplement. Let us have a look at the ingredients of this product.

            Pain alleviation is among the advantages provided by this nutritional supplement.


            The ingredients found in Country Lief Arthro-Joint & Muscle Relief Factors® are as follows:

            • Vitamin C – 50mg
            • Vitamin E – 25 IU
            • Manganese – 5mg
            • Boswellia Serrata Extract – 500mg
            • Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate – 400mg
            • Glucosamine – 325mg
            • Chondroitin Sulfate – 200mg
            • Poly-NAG – 50mg
            • Green Lipped Mussel Extract – 50mg
            • CMO – 50mg
            • Gamma-Linolenic Acid – 50mg
            • Boron – 1.5mg

            The product reviewed here includes Chondroitin and Glucosamine, two significant ingredients for joint health. Though, we see no indication of Hyaluronic Acid or MSM, both essential ingredients for a complete formulation. The formula does include a few of the most effective herbal treatments, like Omega-3 and Boswellia Serrata, however we do not find Country Lief Arthro-Joint & Muscle Relief Factors® as an imperforate formula for joint health.


            In order to achieve the desired effects, it is recommended to take three tablets daily.


            This product is fairly priced at US$28.99 for 60 soft gel capsules. One bottle may last you up to 20 days.


            The manufacturer’s official website offers no information regarding a guarantee.  It seems Country Lief Arthro-Joint & Muscle Relief Factors ® is sold through third party resellers which means you may have to contact them should you have any queries or need a reimbursement.


            Country Lief Arthro-Joint & Muscle Relief Factors® is a component specifically used in achieving healthy joints. The product is created from a several crucial ingredients in achieving pain relief, promotion of cartilage repair as well as diminishing inflammation. If you consider the product from this perspective, it is rather a good product offering herbal extract traditionally used in joint treatment. Nonetheless, the product is not complete in its entirety compared to other similar products on the market. Should you rather wish to use a product with more than 15 key ingredients which is imperative for the reducing of joint pain, do try Jointlax.

            For people who are interested in finding an entire formula, Jointlax is their greatest wager as if offers all the benefits in just one capsule. The manufacturer offers a 60 days full money back guarantee on this product in order for you to try with absolute certainty. Even so, should you only be considering a  product supplying factors essential to tendons, membranes, bones and cartilage along with repairing functions, you may be satisfied with the end results of Country Lief Arthro-Joint & Muscle Relief Factors®.

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